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Low Pressure Cleaning & House Washing


Miss Sparkles specialises in Low Pressure Cleaning & House Washing for both homes and commercial properties. It’s better than high pressure cleaning

Our process involves the use of Low Pressure Water combined with Biodegradable Detergent and Anti Mould treatments then all brushed by hand using our specially designed soft brushes.This is the only effective method for house washing to remove that ugly mould, dirt, grime and bat excrement from the exterior of your home or building. Yes those nasty spider webs and wasp nests are removed.

House washing using low pressure water is a preferable method of removing mould from surfaces including gutters, roofs, concrete paths, walls, ceilings, decks, and other areas where mould spores thrive. Exterior Mould thrives where the sun rarely shines. Mould on Walls, roofs and gutters gives easy access to the inside of a house where any occupant suffering from breathing problems can be badly affected.

The fastest and most effective way to remove these mould spores is to use low pressure washing combined with environmentally friendly chemical solutions.Low pressure washing can quickly and effectively remove the mould which often cannot be removed simply by hand – especially if the problem has been ignored for too long.Regular Low pressure house washing is the easiest way to remove and reduce the impact of these mould spores.

Bill personally inspects all properties preferably with the owner or real estate advisor present to discuss your requirements, our process, and offering advice prior to giving you a FREE QUOTE.

Some people quote over the phone “Site Unseen” but as we all know shortcuts as such, usually mean “Shortcuts” on the job and disputes!

YES, we also clean concrete driveways pavers, fences, boulders, lowset tiled or iron roofs

Check out our before and after photos – look familiar?

Miss Sparkles Brisbane is a leading outdoor house cleaner and commercial building cleaner. Our team can assist with pre-sale home cleans and with exit cleans. With handyman expertise, we can combine our handyman services with any house washing job. Contact us today for a free quote which can start for just $158.