Outdoor Cleaning

Outdoor Cleaning Brisbane


Selling your house or just need an outdoor clean? Miss Sparkles can help you today from as little as $158

Part of the outdoor cleaning job is to clean gutters followed by the actual outdoor cleaning job! We have a special formulation of bio-degradable chemicals, solutions & detergents (to kill mould, fungus, & their spores along with dissolving road dust as well as general dirt & grime). This is applied with low pressure (to ensure your paint and other surfaces are not damaged) through a wide span nozzle & is designed to loosen or soften any foreign material on the surface to be cleaned. The solution is the cleaned off which will leave a surface that sparkles, pardon the pun. Cleaning from the gutter to the ground, including the windows, is the best way to get your home sparkling again.

Don’t forget the concrete, we won’t! This is all part of the service we provide along with any outdoor sails and awnings that need cleaning. I bet you were thinking they may need to be replaced!

Miss Sparkles Brisbane is a leading outdoor house cleaner and commercial building cleaner. Our team can assist with pre-sale home cleans and with exit cleans. With handyman expertise, we can combine our handyman services with any house washing job. Contact us today for a free quote which can start for just $158.